Saturday, January 01, 2000

I love

This sequence of blog comments was originally posted under "Amping the X5" post. Ultimately this was too off topic in that post, so I've given the comment sequence it's own blog entry. I do wonder just how many places that busy man is shilling on at any given moment...


Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:36 PM

Anonymous said...

h great..can't wait..with regard to your comments about on your FP, I doubt very much whether a site of that size and stature would find too much of interest here..I searched their site and found one small news article with a link to you. Perhaps you'd be better off trying to build your own site rather than making silly comments about the good sites out there. As you can see when you look around in here, it's alot easier to write crap about others than it is to make a great site yourself.

3:02 PM

bangraman said...

Thanks, whoever it is from I already deleted your comment once but I see you've resubmitted it.

Posting your own silly and rather bitter little comments on blogs you claim are unimportant yet visit on a regular basis strikes me as good irony. I like irony... stick around, wont'cha? :D

3:43 PM

Anonymous said...

LOL! I doubt would worry too much, bangraman. Your comment on the FP could be there for for months and how many people would see it, 3..?

4:27 PM

bangraman said...

Well you saw it, which is all I really wanted. I'll take this as notice you've read it so I can take that bit about "I have not authorised my material to appear at" down now.

Is it usual to address your site in some third-person aspect?

4:42 PM

Anonymous said...

Third person? Why not? iPodStudio is one of my favorite sites and I take offense when it is criticised unfairly. You don't see pathetic little comments posted on their FP, buddy. Just shows, you can't buy class and it doesn't come free with highend headphones, eh, bangraman?

4:52 PM

bangraman said...

Interesting comment, as my only entry was that I was not an active member of iPodstudio and that I had not authorised my material to appear there.

Only staff are fully aware of any issues between us. How interesting of you to bring it up as 'one of your favourite sites'.

6:29 PM

bangraman said...

By the way... you're free to PM me about this on Head-Fi further if you have any more issues you would like to discuss.

Since this is completely off topic, I'll be removing the whole sequence of comments after you've read it.

6:37 PM

Anonymous said...

Are you completely mad? You had that comment posted on your FP and you say only staff new about the issue? And don't try to make this about ipodstudio nor pretend that anyone who posts favorable comments about that site is the owner. After seeing your comment, a quick search on ipodstudio brings up one reference to this blog or any material by you and that article is directly linked to your site. So perhaps you should grow up and remove the chip from wherever it's parked today. I'm sure you'll delete all this..doesn't really make you look too smart, eh?

10:05 PM

bangraman said...

It makes me look perfectly OK actually. From what anyone else can see, I've got some random idiot blundering in and making abusive comments.

My problems with the site in question don't even start with that single article. I have no particular chips on my shoulder... except perhaps a disdain of bad shills. I just choose to have no dealings with them based on what I know.

11:46 PM

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what the hub-bub is about. Maybe it was edited out of the original blog posting, but from the comments here, I take it that this blogger is angry that a site took his posting as a news item? Well, if the link came back to here, then obviously the blogger got full credit, so what's the problem?

It's not exactly in the spirit of blogging to get all secretive and not want to share information. If that's the case, if you don't want news sites to post your news and give you credit, then why even have a blog? Don't you want people to read it?

Dude, don't be such a stereotypical audiophile. There's a reason that we're seen as snobs, and it's because of people like you. I had wanted to say that your blog is informative, but if "the masses" aren't good enough to read it, then you got your wish. ;)

9:14 AM

bangraman said...

The blog post is whole apart from the first post, which was a copy of the second. I kept it as it was most probable that 'anonymous' would try again. It's true that you wouldn't quite understand the sequence of events from this comment thread and why we're writing as we are, as only the appropriate parties know about what happened.

As I said before the single article that 'anonymous' 'found' is not the issue... and he knows it.

There is a longer history and I don't think there's a need to discuss it in detail here.

I think the site is a rather good one nowadays actually and I'm not telling anyone not to go there or that it sucks, but I just don't agree or like the way that the people who run it worked. Here's a good example of just one of the reasons why. Look for users "setharmstrong", "didikosa", "R1D1", "migraineboy" on Head-fi to see an idea of how they worked. Many of the ways in which iPodstudio was started, run and promoted have been in my experience a similarly suspect manner throughout.

So if I say I'm not an active member or that I don't want my stuff to turn up there, that is my prerogative.

Belittling others while boasting in the third person about your site (how classy is that?) is probably counterproductive in the end too.

I won't delete this sequence of blog posts in case this sort of thing crops up again.

2:07 PM