Friday, April 01, 2005

Jetaudio the best?

No April Fool post, sorry. I've always been wary of engaging in 4/1 pranks especially after the incident involving the bucket, the firecrackers, the condom and the rug...

I had a Cowon M3 some time ago. I never bothered using the software that came with it as it was a drag & drop player. I eventually quite liked the player, especially the extremely informative remote, although it was at that time the buggiest player out of the box (and after two firmware updates) that I had ever encountered. Now of course that record has been comprehensively shattered by the iRiver H10 :D

I just happened to be browsing and Cnet reckons that Jetaudio, the management software that Cowon offers is the best jukebox on the net. I guess I'm looking forward to giving it a go when the X5 comes out, then.

Update: 11th April
Ive been using Jetaudio for a while as I didn't need an iAudio player to use it. I've come to the conclusion that I'd really like to be smoking whatever Cnet's guys are.

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