Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dead iPod Chronicles, Part 3

Aha. Thought it was the end of that, eh? Well... things didn't go too well with ordering the replacement disk, because I killed said disk with a stupid, stupid accident a few minutes after I got the disk out of the anti-static bag. Since then I've gone through yet another refurb 3G iPod, which suffered a really, really, really stupidstupidstupid accident once again killing the disk.

The cost for repairing this one is now astronomical. I've borrowed yet another 3G iPod but in the interests of my proven extreme clumsiness, it's not left the house. So finally, I get on to part 3. I've ordered a replacement disc, should be here on the 27th of May. I'll look out for any cables, cats, potholes and other paraphenalia I could trip over and I will never, ever hold it like the do in the ads.


Jaron aka Bananatree said...

You may have to fashion a super cushioned bag for it, that is strapped to your chest.

bangraman said...

I was thinking maybe it's easier if I went around in a Zorb (, yes lame me does not know how to do http link in html).