Monday, August 15, 2005

Extravagant & Premium : Sony Qualia 010 & MDR-SA5000

How do they fare? Could I be bothered to write anything about it? Hmmm... Perhaps in the near future.


Dactyl Anapest, Ancient Greek said...

Yes, opine, compare, lift and separate away. And while you're being bothered to ponder cup sizes, why not audition the ludicrously stylized Qualia 007 as the source, yo? I myself endured a disappointing session with same in Sony New York's Qualia room. (The solemnity and ceremony are gone, but the black suits linger to annoy us with obvious information.) The design and virtual hiss (created by frequency overemphasis) were engaging in a Tod Browning way, but the NS999ES is still without familial competition in my leaflet.

Dave said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts comparing the two, mainly because I have a pair of SA5000s and I'd like to know how close they come to the Qualia headphones :).

Anonymous said...

Look over on some of them liked the sa5000's better! Sony is coming out with new model this year some time.