Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On the way: JVC HA-FX55 in-ear phone review.

Initial opinions are that they seem a tiny bit less compromised than the MDR-EX71SL in certain sonic aspects, while in terms of bass they offer more of what people like about the EX71's (the amount)... and they're cheaper. Some ergonomic misses were apparent within a second of putting them on, but it's about the sound, innit? :p

Full review up soon.

FX55 on top, EX71 on bottom.
The silicone 'bungs' are actually slightly different in design, but they are very similar.


Anonymous said...

Sup, LFC_SL from head-fi here

Saw these in UK, and wondered about them. Did think of EX71/81 in terms of price range

could you expand on ergonomics; fit and comfort?

Do you have the panasonic ones? Could you also compare?

Thanks in advance

bangraman said...

I can expand. It'll be in the review :D

I take my time... sorry. The usual method is to compare them alongside other phones, then use them by themselves for a while... then run the comparison again.

Anonymous said...

how long exactly would this be? i'm wondering if i should pick these up and id like to hear from an expert.

thanks in adv

bangraman said...

Yeah... Sorry about the delay. I'm quite busy right now. I've finished the listening notes so it's just a matter of writing the article. I should have it up by the start of next week.

I usually write copious notes then figure out a way to reduce my impressions to a readable level.

Javier said...

Hey Bangraman,

Thanks for the upcoming review. I thought about getting the Sharp MD-33 (around $45), but I am more interested in the JVC HA-FX55 (around $20) performance.