Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hi guys, yes I'm still alive.

Still working on a replacement for this blog, but for now I'm trying to get some behind-the-scenes stuff sorted out.

Next Major Article
I and a fellow Head-Fi member are working on a comparison of unamped and amped configurations. Say you start with an Etymotic ER-6i and are looking to step up. You visit Head-Fi or other forums and they tell you that amping the ER-6i can work wonders. You get directed to Xin's website and learn about his new Supermini. Then someone else recommends the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi Pro as a step-up earphone. Which do you pick? Well that's exactly what we're about to establish. In the case of balanced-armature in-ear phones the choice of a more expensive earphone is not always as clear cut as it might be, since the drivers in use by all the main companies (Etymotic, Shure, Ultimate Ears, etc) are all pretty much the same in terms of capability. The difference is in the use of multiple drivers of differing size and the tuning of each driver. Amp or Upgrade? That's the question we'll be answering.

I've also got hold of a pair of the Audio-Technica ATH-ES7 headphones, which I'll be posting a short review soon.


Anonymous said...

good deal...look forward to it

Manish Bansal said...

Eagerly waiting. I was about to place an order for a headphone amp. Talk about timing.

panda said...

Very much looking forward to the ES7 review. Is there any chance to prompt you to a few words the UE-10 as well or will these be included in the canalphones shootout?

By the way, this is a great blog and it's always fun to read it. Usually a very interesting selection of gadgets, too.

Jaron aka Bananatree said...

I'm pumped, if I had access to some UE phones I'd help out with a er6i + Porta corda.