Saturday, March 19, 2005

It has Karma....But it needs Atkins.

Yet another player joins the jumble of stuff here. I have a hard time keeping track of all my players as at any time, half are likely to be broken, lent or otherwise unavailable at this time. With the NW-HD3 being increasingly used by others beyond my continuing review notes, I found it was time to look at getting another mid-capacity player. Rather than waiting for the forthcoming new-generation players, the price of the Karma was right and I decided it was finally time to put to test dapreview's raving over this player. I also wanted to try out it's much-mentioned parametric EQ.

First of all, on the matter of 'the Karma has the best sound quality', at this time I'd have to raise some issues with that (and yes, I have switched off all the sound options). However in terms of how you can play with the sound, the Karma probably has no peers. The surprisingly adjustable parametric equaliser means that this is probably the best player for those with headphones which need adjusting to sound their best. However I feel that the best attribute of the Karma is not really about sound (which despite what I said seems to be better than many) but rather that it's a highly usable player which would go further in satisfying the inner audio geek in comparison to the iPod.

The, er, slight disadvantage is the size, or should I say the thickness. The Karma is a relatively gargantuan 20Gb player in contemporary terms.

More opinions on this player later.

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