Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Qualia Shmalia


So... I wrote about this a while ago. Since then, a friend of mine has also procured one of these phones and I had the chance to compare the two before I sent mine back. I've now reconsidered sending them back for now, as I don't believe they're broken... both sound the same.

The thing is, the Qualia's sound is not so much 'broken' as 'really weird'.

So, I've been using the time recently to actually wear the phones instead of just burning them in. Generally speaking until now I didn't really want to wear them, especially when the Omega II's were right next to me. However I have a feeling, due to the build of the headphone earcups, that wearing them for extended periods rather than just sticking them on the stand and letting them play will actually result in 'burn-in'.

A review is forthcoming, warts and all. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks.

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