Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sony's "iPod Killer?"

I've had an NW-HD3 in my hands for a bit now. This is Sony's first hard-disk player which can honestly stand up and say that it's actually competition for the rest of the players out there on the market.

You'll have to wait for a review, but my current opinion is split down the middle. Great hardware... potentially the best right now, sound's not bad at all either but it also has piss-poor software in comparison with the competition, allied to very indifferent firmware which incorporates usability that could only be considered roughly equivalent to a low-end MP3 Discman.

I think it's pretty clear from my tone above that it's not the definitive iPod Killer, but plenty of people will be interested in this player because of the hardware and because it's not an iPod. So the aim of the review will be to highlight what you're giving up in order to have something that's sexily styled, pretty small, can be allied to a display remote and lasts 20+ hours on a charge... and whether it's worth it.

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