Thursday, January 06, 2005

When green fingers aren't the answer. (OT)

My crassula ovata have started to flower again.

This is much to the chagrin of several people I know who also grow crassula because they can't get it to flower. The interesting thing is that my home is basically a gulag for plants... a short, brutal life cut off by lack of any care. Many have risen to the challenge, but few have survived the test. chlorophytum comosum for example decided to call it a day after only a few weeks at chez bangraman, leaving behind only a few brown husks of it's former self.

On the other hand, crassula seems to relish such neglect, and positively thrives in this environment. So if you're a crap gardener, there's a plant recommendation for you... get crassula. it's not that attractive, but at least it's green. My total plant care regime for these plants extend to highly irregular watering, and cleaning dead leaves and getting the dust off the still living leaves with a vaccum cleaner (obvious tip: don't use full power unless you really like the look of branch stumps).

Crassula however is not the sole surviver of this organic-life-hostile environment. My yucca are the Count Dracula of small trees... They keep rising from the dead.

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